Sunday, October 26, 2014

Collier Quotes Extra Blog Post

"One, teachers should be aware of the special kind of speech that mothers and fathers use automatically with their children, and try to emulate this. "Caregiver speech" has six features:" p.224 

"The critical distinction to maintain is between how children acquire the capacity to converse casually in a second language. and how they learn to become proficient students using second language." p.225

"It is worse for many students who are placed in English-only classrooms with teachers who have 110 training in second language acquisition and who use an English-only curriculum. So, the choice of language in which the student works academically is less important than success in mastering school skills, or academic language proficiency." p.225,226

"When two languages are used in the school curriculum, the teacher should plan the precise times to use each language. Bilingual pedagogy research indicates that the teacher should clearly separate the two languages of instruction. For example, the teacher should speak Spanish when the instructional language is Spanish, and speak English when instructional language is English. On the other hand, young children should be permitted to speak the language they know best." p.229

"Code-switching by students should be accepted, and not penalized. The insights ofValdes have been advanced and refmed, not superseded, Many sub­ sequent researchers have confirmed that it 'IS preferable that children code­ switch at the ends of sentences. Even when they code-switch within a sen­ tence, it should be accepted, if not used by the teacher." p.230

Coming From other students blogs in the class :

Chanels Blog:

3. "Don't teach a second language in any way that challenges or seeks to eliminate the first language." In relation to Collier's text, the Swedish teacher chose to teach in a way that did seek to remove or eliminate your native language English from the classroom, and this can be seen in the teacher's refusal to use any other language but Swedish to teach the class.

 "...teacher should be aware of the special kind of speech that mothers and fathers use automatically with their children, and try to emulate this" (224) 

Although it is the educator's job to "facilitate academic language development" (225), it cannot be lost that it is extremely important "to allow the child to express [themselves]... which encourages learning" (230).

Erikas Blog:

"Once upon a time there was a grown-up who loved children. One child who came to know this person was eager to find out about many things. Together they discovered the intimate secrets of time and space and nature and the way things work. They played with language. They both grew in wisdom and they learned how infinite and mysterious knowledge is ..." (222)

Extra Quote from Article:

"4. Teac11 thestandardform{ifEnglish andstudents' !rome lallglla~,!c togetllcr lI'i(1I {l/I appreciation i f dialect differences to create an environment of language rccagllit;ol1 ill tile classroom."p.227

Main Idea: 
I believe Colliers point was to show that if you have a student that speaks two languages, you should teach in two languages to become a better teacher and know the language your students speak. I also believe the main point is that if the student needs to say something in Spanish rather then English, let them because it will help the student move along and understand the assignment. It is a blessing to have and know two languages. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

In The Service Of What? - Hyperlinks

This weeks reading was called In The Service of What by Khane and Westheimer. I enjoyed reading this article because I love helping others. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to give and not receive. Reading this article had me thinking a little bit. What do you think is better? To read articles about service learning or to actually go out in some sort of field and actively learn. To me I believe going out in the field and actually working with groups and low income families would be better to grasp an understand of rather then reading articles. Especially for teens and children, I believe it is better to go out in the field because you can physically see things and understand why you are there helping out. I think that when teachers take their students out to help the community they need to choose an area where they can learn something but also be safe. Going back to reading Safe Spaces by August, I would want my children to feel somewhat safe going to these sites. I think the older they get then you could start taking them to places that they may feel less comfortable at. 

“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference. And we have a
choice: What sort of difference do we want to make?” 
-Jane Goodall 

I belong to Holy Apostles Parish in Cranston. I have gone to ccd since I was in Kindergarten. When I reached middle school ccd I had to start doing community service. The community service included going to St Charles. Soup Kitchen in Providence. This was an amazing experience. I learned to really appreciate what you have. When I was in the confirmation program I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica, Blessed Assurance Orphanage. I spent a week here teaching, playing and feeding children from ages 1 to 26 years old. I could talk about this experience all day long. This was the most eye opening experience I have ever done in my life. Because I want to be a teacher, some parts of the day I took kids aside and just colored and tried to teach them to write there names. They were so proud of their work! It made me so happy I was able to help these children. I am glad I am in a providence school doing my service learning. I can not wait to continue to go to my school to help these children each week. 

This is a Short 4 Minute video from a Mission Trip a few years before my trip! Holy Apostles Mission Trip  ! Enjoy :) 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Extra Blog Post Cinderella Lessons & Stereotypes

I feel as though there are more Disney movies geared towards girls then little boys.  Gender stereotype is in more of the movies that have some higher class like the princess movies.  In Cinderella, Disney and The Brothers Grimm both say that the stepsisters are very cruel and the stepmother is very jealous and cold hearted. The slipper is a symbol of stereotyping because is something girls relate to. In the movie and Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella, they show the Prince using the glass slipper to “find his bride”. The stepsisters try and fit their foot into the slipper but it just pops off in the movie on both of the girls. This is a gender stereotype because it is fit for only a woman’s foot, in this case Cinderella. In real life people will fit in all different size shoes and some people will be able to share shoes. In the Brothers Grimm, when the two daughters are trying to fit their feet in this shoe the Stepmother is telling her daughters to cut their toes off to fit into the shoe so Cinderella won’t be allowed to try in out. When Cinderella finally tries on the shoe, it fits perfectly. “She is the true bride.” “When they passed by the little hazel tree, the two little white doves called out “Roo coo coo... the real bride’s here tonight”(Grimm 122).  The stepsisters were just trying to fit into the society of the world of royalty and upperclass.  They also showed more stereotype of woman because they were trying to be someone they are not.

Disney always teaches many lessons in their movies whether the movie is about cars, animals, or princesses.  A Disney lesson from Cinderella towards children is that throughout the movie Cinderella is treated very poorly and rudely by her stepmother and stepsisters. I feel as though most people would be rude and yell back at them, but Cinderella does not and she chooses to stay calm throughout the entire film. She teaches children you should act respectful even when getting treated unfairly. Another lesson that Cinderella teaches through the critical eye is that the mice and the pumpkin are used as “vehicles” to get Cinderella through a difficult time when they are turned into horses and a coach respectively. Just as people come into our lives for certain reason we know people are used, as “vehicles” in are lives always coming and leaving.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us - Extended Comments

Reading Unlearning the Myths that Bind Us was very good. I enjoyed reading this article. After reading Jessica Tennerella's blog, I decided I will write my blog based on hers using extended comments. Like Jess, I took a class that was called Mickey Mouse Monopoly as my FYS with Professor Zornado. We read many articles and watched the disney movie related to which article we
read. This class did teach me a lot and like Jessica I always left the class with anger, confusion and sad because of the underlining messages from the films and articles. I work at a daycare as well and I have about 40 children in my after school program. I see how there are many gender stereotypes because I have a lot of times when boys are playing a game they made up from the lego movie and this little girl always wants to play with them and the boys say no because it is a "boy game". I try to explain that they need to let her play or they can not play at all because she is allowed to play with them and it would not be fair.

Not only do Disney movies affect these children's lives but also other movies like Mean girls. I think I have explained this situation before in another blog. I have these girls who were the 3 mean girls from the movie and kept being mean to the girl that was not part of there little club . It got so bad  that this girl actually left our daycare and we had to end the game. This little girl would go
home crying from after school care. I was in shock knowing this happened. These movies are affecting these young kids society. I do not really believe there is anything to do. But just like reading Safe Spaces,  when I become a teacher,  I want to create a safe place where these children can explore an feel like they home and safe. I want my children to have fun and not be afraid to come to school.

Link to Jess's Blog.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Safe Spaces (reflection)

Reading Safe Spaces was extremely eye opening. It is so sad to see bullying happening in this world. Bullying is one of the worst things a child could do to another child. As you all know I work at a daycare. I am in the after school program which holds about 40 children in one classroom. These students ages are from age 6 to about 12 years old. Over the summer we held a summer camp
program. It was going great until one of my students started to get bullied. It was group of girls who were playing a game called "mean girls" that they made up. Just like the movie. So all of these girls (about 4 of them) were teasing this one little girl. We teachers did not know about it because at certain times of the day they were allowed to free play until one day the parent of the child who was getting bullied came up to us and told us her daughter went home crying from daycare and did not want to return because of the 4 other girls. So we (teachers) had to step up to the plate and end this bullying in our classroom. We had to explain to all the students what bullying was. We had the children do little 5 minute shows to show us bullying and also made anti-bullying posters for our classroom so the children could understand. It was very heartbreaking knowing my students were bullying. After we had a talk with our children it took them a few weeks to finally get back to the way things were. It is safe to say we have not had a problem since then.

Bullying needs to end! BUT HOW?????????