Saturday, November 15, 2014

Citizenship in Schools ; Quotes


                 Reading Citizenship in schools: Schooling Children with Down Syndrome was very interesting to read. This was one of my favorite articles that we had to read so far. "Vygotsky found that the culture of segregation surrounding people with disabilities actually teaches underdevelopment of thinking through the isolation of children from socially valued opportunities. As described in more detail below, altering the culture of disability requires that a child be recognized as an active learner, a thinker, and a problem-solver, but this cannot occur apart from relationships that allow for such engagement."(p. 83)  I chose this quote because I can relate to this. He is basically saying how if you have a disability you are are not learning as much as the kids that do not have disabilities because if you do have a disability you are being taken out of your actually classroom to help with whatever you need help with. I know that when I was in elementary school and even middle school I was taken out of my class because I had a reading comprehension deficit. I absolutely hated being taken out. I felt like I was being judged.

                This brings me to my next quote which says, "How absurd to be judged by others at all, especially by those who have never experienced a disability or who are unwillingly providing us with support or who don't listen to the voices we have." (p. 72) Not so much in elementary school, but in middle school a lot of people made fun of the students that had disabilities and road the "mini busses" to school. August's Safe Spaces says that kids should feel safe at school and not worried that they are going to be bullied. I agree, no child should feel worried about going to school because they might get made fun of because of their disability. It was absolutely terrible to hear this because I always wondered if they made fun of me behind my back because I was being taken out once a day for different reasons. Nobody should feel this way especially kids who have down syndrome or even other types of disorders. 

                "A sense of reciprocity Or shared value exists in relationships in which individuals  including those with the most severe disabilities, are recognized as thinking, feeling, caring human beings with personalities all their own."(p. 88) A lot of students have disabilities, whether they are mild or extreme. I do not believe students should necessarily be characterized for this and be placed in other classrooms. I wish there could be another way to help a student with disabilities, I just don't know what. Having a disability is sad but it is a part of who you are. There is absolutely no shame involved. 
             When I was younger, I am not going to lie, I never judge a person with a disorder but I did think to myself, "they're weird,  or that stinks to be different", But I as grew older I understood more about the different types of disorders and actually realized that I wanted to help this children when I came home from Blessed Assurance. I worked with a little boy who had Down Syndrome who changed my perspective on thing. I still am thinking today that I want to work with down syndrome children. 



  1. Great response! I like your pictures and your personal input in your last paragraph.

  2. I really enjoyed all the connections/analysis you made to quotes in the article. I also really like how you added your own personal experience and how it really effected you and has made you consider working with children with down syndrome in the future. Also really love how you added your own picture. Great post!

  3. i really liked your pictures and your connections, not only to articles we've read, like Safe Spaces, but also to your own experiences.

  4. I thought you did great job! I liked how you incorporated your own personal experiences and views. Interesting to read about!