Sunday, November 30, 2014

Empowering Education - Extended Comments

I am using Erica's Blog & Jessica's Blog for this week! I liked things from both of their blogs.

In Erica's Blog she had put "In "Empowering Education: Critical Teaching for Social Change" by Ira Shor argues that modern day education is too focused on drilling information into students brains and expecting them to memorize facts and data, instead of allowing children to make meaning of materials and act from reflection."  
-----I totally have to agree with this because I remember being in elementary school the teachers were always saying how they had to drill things and make us memorize things to move on to the next grade. I think it is great that they do it like this but i do not like it because there should be a better system of teaching and getting things in our brains a different way.

“The typical classroom is framed by the competition, marked by struggle between students (and often between teacher and students), and riddled by indicators of comparative achievement and worth. Star charts on the wall announce who has been successful at learning multiplication tables, only children with ‘neat’ handwriting have their papers posted for display” (Shor, p23-24). Jessica picked this quote. 
------For my journals I picked one of the topics which was what to look for in the classroom. Just like Jessica this quote fits perfect. I may go add in to my journal and use this quote. My teacher in my classroom at service learning uses a clip up clip down chart which is basically the same thing as a star chart. It helps the children know where they stand in the classroom and get very excited when they can "clip up". 

Jessica Says: "On page 43, Shor says, “Our role as teachers is to create a safe environment in which students can express opinions and, most importantly, generate their own language materials for learning and peer-teaching” (Shor, p.43). This single quote is full of connections. The first one being August “Safe Space” article. Shor says that as teachers we need to create a safe environment for students to come and learn and express themselves, as August explains through her example of LGBT in the classroom." 
-----I agree with this. Every classroom needs to have a safe environment. I have my last CEP 315 exam this week and while studying it was talking about having a good positive environment for your students. I found this to be very important and will take "safe spaces" article and use it in my classroom one day. Having a safe positive healthy environment for my students will be a big priority for me.


  1. I completely agree with your statement about how memorization is both good and bad. If a student is just havign someone talk to them and telling them what they need to learn rather than being hands on and learning in a different way it is completely beneficial. Great post!

  2. I really like the connections you made and how you were able to build off of Jess and Erika's blog! Good job!

  3. Great post! I like how you took our classmates' blogs and created your own thoughts. I also really like your connection to Safe Spaces.

  4. Great post! I like how you took our classmates' blogs and created your own thoughts. I also really like your connection to Safe Spaces.