Sunday, December 7, 2014

Final Connection To Service Learning Part 1 (Delpit)

I will be presenting my Pecha Kucha on Tuesday. I am very excited to be one of the first ones to present and also get it over with. I am not a big fan of presenting in front of people. I felt like my 2nd grade classroom was most connected to Collier. Collier showed up a lot in my class. My Pecha Kucha presentation is on Collier.

I also felt like I was connected to Delpit. The way Mrs. Lamarre handled her class reminded me of the rules and codes of power. Mrs. Lamarre is in charge and the students know that. "Issues of power are enacted in the classroom. "These issues include: the power of the teacher over the StU­ dents; the power of the publishers of textbooks and of the developers of (he curriculum ( 0 determine the view of the world presented: the power of (he state in enforcing conclusory schooling; and the power of an individual or group to determine another's intelligence or "normalcy.""(Deplit 24-25). When she does an activity with the students she set a timer so when the timer goes off the student needs to stop what they are doing and have pencils out of their hands and hands down on the table. From the being of the school year the students were not really good at stopping right away but by now most of the students are focused and are paying attention. Seeing the children grow throughout the first half of year was incredible. Mrs. Lamarre also has a saying and the students follow her. She is a great teacher and uses styles like Delpit. There are also many rules in the classroom that Mrs. Lamarre uses and the students do much better following the rules now then the beginning of the year. They use hand motions as well rather than words because that way the kids will copy the hand motions.

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