Sunday, December 7, 2014

Final Connection to Service Learning Part 2 (Kliewer)

The third Author I also felt I was connected to was Kliewer from the article called Citizenship in Schools.  A quote from Vygotsky. was important to me. I am also in a Kindergarten classroom with Mrs. Maggiacomo. She is a wonderful fun teacher with an energetic personality. That is what you need to be a Kindergarten teacher. In the Kindergarten class there are some students that have disabilities. There are about 7-9 of them I would have to say. I like how the students are in the classroom even though they have a disability. Some of the students disability are worse then others but they are still teaching those students with disabilities how the students without disabilities the same except they get extra help from teachers outside of the classroom.  "Vygotsky found that the culture of segregation surrounding people with disabilities actually teaches underdevelopment of thinking through the isolation of children from socially valued opportunities. As described in more detail below, altering the culture of disability requires that a child be recognized as an active learner, a thinker, and a problem-solver, but this cannot occur apart from relationships that allow for such engagement."(p. 83) Some of these students leave the classroom everyday. I know when I was in the classroom the students did not want to leave but had to leave to receive the help they needed. I connected with these students because when I was younger I had an IEP and had to leave the classroom and it absolutely was not my favorite part of the day. But you had to do what you had to do. 

I really enjoyed my time at Robert J. Bailey Elementary School

Click VIDEO on children with disabilities. 

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